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Nissan Skyline
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Nissan Skyline Pricing and Specs

1991 price from

The Nissan Skyline is available from $5,000 to $8,140 for the 1991 Sedan across a range of models.

The Skyline nameplate started with Prince, a Japanese car manufacturer that merged with Nissan/Datsun in 1966. Some Skyline variants were built in Australia, the model offered on the local market from 1986, initially in in-line six-cylinder sedan and ‘Hardtop’ coupe form (the latter featuring an exotic five-speed manual gearbox). But the Skyline name is possibly best remembered in connection with the third-generation (R32) GT-R, the first generation of the fire-breathing, AWD supercar to be officially imported here, and fondly referred to as ‘Godzilla.’

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Year Price From Price To
1991 $5,000 $8,140
1990 $2,200 $8,140
1989 $2,200 $8,140
1988 $2,100 $7,480
1987 $2,100 $4,400
1986 $2,100 $4,400
1985 $2,200 $4,290
1984 $2,200 $4,290
1983 $1,800 $4,290
1982 $1,800 $3,300
1981 $1,250 $3,080
1980 $1,250 $3,080
1979 $1,250 $3,080
1978 $1,250 $3,080

Nissan Skyline FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Nissan Skyline here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Gas conversion on Nissan Skyline GTS

    They can be converted successfully using a vapour-injection system, or better still, a more up-to-date liquid injection system. Both will deliver top performance, but the liquid-injection system will deliver the best performance. Finding a kit is a little difficult, the demand for them isn't high, so no one to my knowledge has taken the trouble to develop one, but the guys at the Australian LPG Warehouse (03 9770 2287) can develop a kit for you and it won't cost you any extra.

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  • High skyline

    THE R31 Skyline is robust and generally reliable once you've become used to the howling diff. I'd suggest you test for leaks from cylinder to cylinder and from each cylinder to the water jacket. It could be a head gasket leak.

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  • Fuels rush in

    THERE is a lot of information about the effect of ethanol blend fuels on engines, but don't expect carmakers to come out and say their engines will run on it. Think about it. Your car is 20 years old and never developed for ethanol, so Nissan has no info on what might happen. As a result they will never tell you it can run on ethanol because that leaves them open to litigation if it turns out there is a problem. Ultimately it comes down to the concentration of ethanol in the blend, and most blends on sale now are 10 per cent, which won't cause any problems. The higher the percentage, the greater the chance of having problems with fuel system hoses, seals, pumps et cetera.

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