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Jeep Patriot
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Jeep Patriot Pricing and Specs

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Year Price From Price To
2018 N/A N/A
2017 $11,600 $24,860
2016 $10,100 $22,440
2015 $9,100 $20,240
2014 $7,900 $14,960
2013 $6,900 $14,080
2012 $6,200 $14,520
2011 $5,600 $13,310
2010 $5,000 $9,240
2009 $4,000 $10,560
2008 $4,100 $9,350
2007 $3,500 $8,140

Jeep Patriot FAQs

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  • Is the Jeep Patriot a good car?

    There are far better vehicles in this class to choose from, including Subaru's Forester and Volkswagen's Tiguan.

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  • How to change oil on a Jeep Patriot?

    Warm the engine up to operating temperature before parking the Jeep on a flat, stable, level ground. Open the bonnet and loosen the oil filler cap, then position a drain pan under the sump. Remove the sump plug to drain the oil, being extremely careful not to get hot oil on you as it can cause serious burns. Once the oil has fully drained replace the sump plug with a new washer. Remove the oil filter, remembering to be careful of hot oil, and fit a new filter after smearing the rubber o-ring on the new filter with some fresh oil. Hand-tighten the filter a quarter-turn past snug, then fill the engine with fresh oil as per the manufacturer's handbook.

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  • Where are Jeep Patriots made?

    Until its discontinuation in 2017 Jeep Patriots were built by Chrysler in Belvidere, Illinois, in the USA.

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