Hyundai i40 Diesel Problems

Hyundai i40 Diesel Engine Problems

Answered by CarsGuide 11 Dec 2020

The Hyundai i40 has a great reputation in the trade for being a solid, dependable car with few inherent problems. In fact, it’s one of the models that has recently helped forge Hyundai’s overall reputation as a safe bet. The brand’s five-year warranty hasn’t hurt it in that regard, either.

In terms of Hyundai i40 diesel engine problems, the news is good. And that’s largely because Hyundai has been building small capacity passenger-car diesel engines for decades and has the technology all worked out.

But there are a few things to watch out for and those include the propensity of modern, common-rail injected diesels to require plenty of preventative maintenance. If injectors, pumps and filters are not looked after, they can all give trouble down the road and fixing common-rail injection is generally not a cheap pursuit. So make sure any second-hand i40 (petrol or diesel) has a fully stamped service book and that no preventative maintenance has been skipped.

The other thing worth mentioning is that unless you plan to do at least some highway driving, then the turbo-diesel – as nice as it is to drive – may not be your best bet. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) fitted to modern diesels needs a good run at a decent speed every few weeks to ensure that it can regenerate properly. If it doesn’t see this sort of running, it can become blocked and, in a worst-case scenario, require replacement. This is by no means a Hyundai-specific problem and many modern diesels with DPF technology carry the same caveat.

The bottom line is that even though the diesel version of the i40 may squeeze more out of each litre of fuel, it’s not necessarily the cheapest-to-own variant in the long run.


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