Honda Accord Gearbox & Transmission Problems

How much is my 2005 Honda Accord worth?

Answered by CarsGuide 17 Aug 2018

Very little. If all was well with the car, and it was in good driving condition it’s only worth $3000-$4000, but if the automatic transmission has to be replaced it’s probably worth $500 or so.

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Ford Focus 2012: Is it good on the highway?

Answered by CarsGuide 24 Mar 2017

The Focus is a good car with a serious flaw; it has a dual-clutch automatic transmission that gives trouble. I would happily have a 2012 Focus with a manual gearbox, but I wouldn't buy one with a dual-clutch auto. I'd be looking at a Japanese or Korean brand and going for something like a Mazda 3, Honda Civic or Accord, Hyundai Elantra with a good record of reliability.

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Honda gearbox overhaul

Answered by CarsGuide 16 Nov 2012

Word from the industry is that Honda autos typically need rebuilding after 90,000-100,000 km. They just wear out.

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Ask Smithy Xtra Transmission failed 3 times

Answered by CarsGuide 11 Jan 2011

There is something seriously wrong with the car for the transmission to fail three times in 175,000 km, that’s not normal. Could it have been crashed before you bought it? I would start by checking it to make sure the chassis is square and not out of alignment.

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