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Mercedes-Benz E200 2007 Review

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But one word you don't usually associate with these cars is "cool".

This is usually reserved for pocket-rocket sports cars or used by a young driver to describe a dream model.

Until now. On returning to the E200 Kompressor parked in a city side street, I noticed a fluoro yellow note bearing the words "You've been cool hunted" stuck to the mirror.

Sure it was some sort of advertising ploy, but surrounding cars hadn't been slapped with the label. And it got me thinking, is the Mercedes-Benz E200 K a "cool" car?

According to the Macquarie Dictionary, cool in the colloquial sense means attractive, excellent, so we can tick that box off.

With its spacious interior, smooth, stylish exterior and a sense of luxury it is an attractive package.

And at $84,500, it's perhaps even more appealing, sitting as one of the more affordable Mercedes-Benz models without sacrificing quality or taking away the class that comes with the brand.

And while a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine may sound small for this bigger type of car, the performance is surprisingly enthusiastic, thanks to the additional turbocharger.

Take it out on long, stretching roads and you'll discover it's a comfortable, smooth ride.

With good grip on the road and around corners, your passengers won't complain. Indeed, mine found it relatively easy to nod off for a few winks.

Up hills, the five-speed automatic transmission quickly adjusts when in Sport mode to power you through while a quick shift into manual mode gives even greater control.

Even kicking back a gear while at relatively high revs is a smooth transition. In this latest E-Class, which was released in Australia last September, the base model generates 12 per cent more power with 135kWm, as well as more torque, a total of 250Nm.

So while it is an enjoyable ride, it's not exactly thrilling.

But it fits the whole theme of the car, with the comfortable, classy ride mirrored through the interior setting.

With eucalyptus-wood trim adorning the dash, leather interior and an analogue clock, you can see why this model has been given the Classic label. And for many, Classic doesn't usually mean cool.

The entry-level E-Class is a car for a professional: if you were to stereotype you can see a doctor or lawyer driving this and an older, more mature person at that.

But while it may be a more conservative car, it could be seen as cool-esque by some.

In a class that ranges from this $84,500 model right up to the $233,600 variant, the E200 is the more affordable choice. But when comparing what's on offer from other luxury makes, the E200 K does seem a little more expensive, when bigger engines are available for an even lower price.

A novelty inside is a button located on the centre console, which allows the front-seat passengers to have control of the back head-rests, I assume in case you want better vision.

But a word of warning: this can be dangerous for the back passengers when there's a practical joker sitting in the front who just can't resist the inner child.

Fuel consumption averaged 8.9-litres per 100km, close to the combined claimed figure of 8.7-litres per 100km.

The E200 K comes with 16-inch light-alloy wheels, ABS and Electronic Stability Program, rain sensors, parking sensors, a six-disc CD changer, electric seating controls and a leather steering wheel and gearshift lever. It also has a high level of safety features, including Pre Safe and Neck Pro head restraints, as well as airbags.

There's no doubting the E-Class is a conservative, elegant and easy driving car. But you can't rule out "cool" either.

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