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Holden Monaro 2004 review

Take the new $60,000 Monaro for example. Two years ago, you needed to get a Clubsport for 260kW of power. That's now available in the new Monaro coupled with a swag of other performance and handling goodies that really sharpen up the Holden product.

The engine output is one thing but there's a new six speed manual transmission that eliminates previous manual transmission issues and the brakes are massive. There is also a dual pipe a side exhaust and bonnet scoops. It stops people in the street, especially the new turquoise blue colour.

  • Has excellent engine performance aided by 500Nm torque output.
  • Real GT feel out on the open road and quick off the mark too.
  • Exhaust has cackle on the over-run, just like a Maserati. Sounds awesome.
  • Handling is good compromise between comfort and handling. Quite accomplished for a big, weighty coupe.
  • Electronic dynamic controls keep things in check. Traction control is switchable.
  • Massive tyres provide prodigious grip for corner- ing, braking and accelerating.
  • Stylish five spoke alloys look the goods, impress- ive for factory fitted items.
  • Exterior upgrades include rear mesh diffuser and mild aero skirts, no wing but the car doesn't need it from a visual point of view.
  • Love the new colours.
  • Drinks premium unleaded at an average of about 15 litres/100km, not bad for a 5.7-litre high performance V8.
  • New transmission is a vast improvement – gear ratios are closer and lower overall gives gains in throttle response.
  • Shift feel is better too but still has relatively long throws between gears.
  • Driving position is comfy – great wheel with multi functions, fully adjustable front seats with good side bolsters.
  • Access to rear seats spoiled by front seats that don't return to original position.
  • Small boot, good rear seat room for two.
  • Some squeaks and rattles in test car.
  • New instrument cluster above console looks sporty and car has plenty of luxury features.

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