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Audi RS4 2006 review


Driving the new Audi RS4 is a bit like this but better, much better. It is one of the most accomplished super sedan cars on the road offering sensational engine performance matched by equally awesome road holding and a glorious sound from the dual outlet exhaust.

Pitched at BMW's M3 and the Benz C55AMG, it outshines these near legendary cars in many ways but costs about the same ($164,500).

Sporting a 309kW/430Nm, naturally aspirated V8 driving all four wheels, you just now the RS4 is going to be a "piece of work" and it sure is.


  • This is the first RS4 sedan Audi has built. There are also wagon and cabriolet versions on the way.


  • Engine runs like clockwork. Has variable valve timing and direct fuel injection to push massive power from relatively modest 4.2 litre capacity.


  • Smooth as silk, willingly revs to 8250rpm, delivers heaps of grunt low down and sounds like nothing you've heard before.


  • Fuel economy can better 11.0 litres/100km when cruising.


  • Hooked up to a slick changing six speed manual gearbox. Light change action, light clutch action.


  • All wheel drive Quattro system is latest generation from Audi with selective torque delivery depending on traction.


  • RS4 is 30mm lower than other A4s, has wider track too for extra cornering grip.


  • Massive 19in wheels with low profile rubber. Huge brakes are cross drilled and internally vented. Eight piston calipers on the front.


  • Firm suspension with four link front and double wishbone rear.


  • "S" button on steering wheel changes engine characteristics to sporty, opens exhaust baffles and squeezes drivers seat bolsters tighter.


  • Interior is typically classy Audi effort – a study in leather, carbon fibre and brushed aluminium. Top class ancillaries, pin sharp audio blows you out the doors.


  • Covers the 0-100km split in 4.8 seconds.


  • Looks amazing with pumped out guards, extra intake vents – like a crouching beast.


  • Room for four inside, heaps of luxury and safety features, big boot.


  • Driving experience is difficult to describe– exhilarating, exciting, rewarding.


  • Almost think the RS4 through corners. Makes mugs look good but pushes front end a bit in tight corners.


  • Any downside? Resentment from less fortunates.

The striking blue one please. Now would be good.


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