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Citroen C5 2007 Review

The C5 is one of the best value premium cars on the market, occasionally some cars such as this one tend to slip under the radar.

Every now and then something will be booked into the test garage and you automatically think why has this been so stealth-like? The Citroen C5 is an example, which uses the upgraded 2.2-litre diesel assisted by twin turbochargers.

This is a $50k sedan loaded with charm, sophistication, economy and performance.

Frankly it has a lot of boxes ticked and for $53,990 represents value-plus at the entry end of the premium sedan market.

Together with smart looks the C5 is an effortless drive around town and on the highway.

You literally feel like you've just plonked yourself down into your favourite armchair or that cosy pair of slippers that has served well in the chilly months.

If the C5 is not the cushiest ride in the $50k-plus saloon segment, then whatever is has well and truly evaded the radar and will never reveal itself.

The ride comfort is supreme and there is little that will not be soaked up by the neat Hydractive suspension that uses an automatic self-levelling feature.

The Hydractive 3 suspension is the piece de resistance of the C5 that cushions lumps, bumps and imperfections with almost perfect efficiency.

Even if you were suffering from a bruised tailbone it would still feel like you're on a magic carpet ride.

The C5 is reflective of all things that have made Citroen one of the world's most innovative car makers.

Memories of the DS of the mid-1950s, which brought self-levelling, hydraulic, hydropneumatic suspension to the European masses, are revived. The Hydractive 3 suspension adjusts the ride height of the C5 according to road speed.

Variations of up to 15mm at the nose and 11mm in the rear give greater controllability foremost and also can help fuel efficiency through better aerodynamics.

Ride and handling are outstanding and while there remains a slight delay in power production, once the turbos spool-up the C5 becomes extremely responsive.

This new turbo system is based on two fixed geometry turbochargers of identical size. Each one supplies around half the air input required at high engine speeds.

This extends the operating range of the turbochargers and improves engine performance at both high and low speeds.

At low revs, below 2700rpm, only one turbocharger is working. This low inertia turbocharger delivers almost instant response, as well as providing up to 40 per cent more torque than the previous 2.2 HDi engine.

At engine rpm over 2700, the second turbocharger kicks in to supply the increased air intake required at higher engine speeds.

At your disposal is 125kW of power but where this C5 gets its kick is that a relatively massive 400Nm of torque is available from as little as 1750rpm.

Fuel mileage with this diesel remained at 8.1litres/100km in a test, which combined about 240km of slow city running with 200km of highway work.

Inside there is plenty of leather trim and the layout of the controls and design of the dash and surrounds remain smart and clean.

There are rear seat child restraint anchor points and safety locks on the rear doors.

Nothing about the C5 2.2-litre HDI is underwhelming.

This car is on the pace in all the key areas. Attention to detail is impressive to the point where the side windows are laminated, blocking out road noise coming from passing traffic.

The good thing is that the equipment list is packed with that much stuff that there remain only a few items left to option.

If you fancy tarting up your C5 there is the SatNav and phone package for $4000, the electric sunroof for $2000 while metallic paint is available for $750.

In summary the C5 is one of the best value premium cars on the market.


Citroen C5 2.2-litre HDI


Engine: 4 stars

Smooth and creamy with heaps of low to mid-range torque

Transmission: 4 stars

Six-speed auto offers good kickdown and is well matched to the motor

Handling: 3 stars

Steering can be a bit vague but offers good body control in the bends

Safety: 4 stars

Has about as much electronic and passive gear as is possible

Value: 4 stars

Performance (check), economy (check), equipment (check), safety (check)


Tech specs

Boody: 4-door sedan

Engine: 2.2-litre, 16-valve, 4-cylinder twin sequential-turbo diesel

Transmission: 6-speed auto with sequential function

Power: 125kW @ 4000rpm

Torque: 400Nm @ 1750rpm

Dimensions (MM): 4743 l, 1780 w, 1476 h, 2750 wheelbase





For: A massive statement in getting most things right not-the-least, ride quality

Against: Still uses old-style tiller and not the fixed hub steering wheel which is now a trademark of Citroen

Overall: 4 stars

A magic sedan with loads of value


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