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Mitsubishi Grandis 2004 review

Motor vehicles are no different. Things you thought you couldn't live without – or so the salesman told you – can become a burden while the silly little bit of frippery you found annoying becomes a godsend as you grow to appreciate it.

A motor vehicle will be the second-biggest purchase most people will make in their lives, a decision usually based on a preconceived desire, an advertising campaign and a short drive. Reviewing and test driving cars can have similar pitfalls.

Hopping into a spanking new auto every week is certainly not all bad – in fact it is pretty good – but the truth is that an impression quickly gained can colour an opinion long held. From next week The Daily Telegraph will expand its road-test coverage to include a series of longer-term tests where the cars are assessed closer to the manner they would be by the average buyer.

Over the months we will report on what's good and not so good about the car you may be contemplating buying. There will be reports on what it costs to run and service; what makes it a pleasure to own; and the things that make you wish you had spent a little longer looking around before signing on the dotted line.

One month later

David Fitzsimons

Mitsubishi's new Grandis people mover has barely been off the road since it joined the CARSguide stable last month.

Its size and interior space have regularly been put to the test.

In the first few weeks it has travelled more than 2300km and needed to be refuelled six times. The car was delivered with just half a tank of fuel.

The $43,990 seven-seater has doubled as a semi-official car at a wedding ferrying guests to and from. A measure of its generous leg room is that adult passengers were able to sit comfortably in all three rows.

With seats folded down the Grandis' claims to have copious rear loading space were also tested. It was able to carry five disassembled bicycles plus bags in the rear to a family outing.

On the plus side the first impression of the car is that its 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine is sprightly. Around town, including when loaded with passengers, the car has plenty of zip. The engine develops 121kW at 6000rpm and has 217Nm of torque at 4000rpm.

Its large rear lights display has gained positive comments and the car has proved both flexible and roomy.

On the negative side the interior trim of this base model car is a little basic and the lack of sound system controls on the steering wheel on a car of this price is worrying.

Fuel use is also running higher than Mitsubishi claimed initially.

Two month update

Jaedene Hudson

While easily able to carry seven people the Grandis's seating capabilities were not put the test this time around.

With no kids to fill the back seats, nearly all the Grandis's 1000km were with just one or two passengers.

A trip down to Wakefield Park and back saw Grandis' freeway manners put tested.

With cruise control activated, the armrest folded down and the favourite CD playing its tunes the best way to describe the trip was like that it is like cruising the freeway in a giant and comfortable lounge chair.

It was smooth and quiet along all but the roughest sections the freeway, although at 3000rpm it was revving higher than preferred.

The only fault was in the cruise control.

Encountering some giant-sized hills on the way there and back, the cruise control would drop a gear and see the Grandis revving well in excess of 4000rpm to get back up the steep incline.

Once it was up the hill it took a while for the cruise control to kick down a gear – so even on the flat we were doing more than 4000rpm.

Steering-wheel mounted radio controls would help, as the volume knob is a stretch.

Fuel-wise, the Grandis travelled 570km on the one tank. Ahead of an upcoming trip it had cosmetic surgery with a tow bar fitted.

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