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You think the Toyota GR HiLux is a beast? Just wait for the 700Nm GR Fortuner with a thumping V6 diesel!

The Fortuner SUV is not ruled out for GR treatment.

You might be excited by the prospect of the incoming Toyota GR HiLux - and you've got every reason to be - but what about its SUV sibling, the Fortuner?

With news that no model has been excluded from the Toyota's GR roll-out, from the Yaris and Corolla and even the LandCruiser, it stands to reason that the new GR HiLux will also spawn a GR SUV in the shape of the Fortuner.

And with news - most recently from Japanese site Creative 311, which was quoting dealer sources - that the incoming LC300 will be packing a new 3.3-litre diesel V6 engine that produce a whopping 230kW and 687Nm, paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, a GR Fortuner will be a super SUV indeed.

We've long reported that Toyota should fit the LandCruiser's V6 diesel to the GR HiLux, with sources confirming to CarsGuide the new engine would have multiple uses within the Toyota family.

Combine that with the brand's GR executives confirming that they'd need a "big diesel" to power a go-fast HiLux, and the evidence starts to stack up.

That thumping engine would make the Toyota GR HiLux the world's most powerful diesel ute, with the LandCruiser's V6 diesel generating enough torque to outshine everything from the Ford Ranger Raptor to the Nissan Navara Warrior and everything in-between.

So what of its SUV twin, the Fortuner? Toyota has previously not ruled out a GR Fortuner, and recently told CarsGuide that the success of the GR Yaris has given it "confidence" to push its Japanese HQ for more and varied go-fast products.

"(The Yaris) gives us confidence, we stet about to reignite that performance market in Australia, and the investment in GR Yaris was never a short-term investment," says Toyota Australia's VP of Sales and Marketing, Sean Hanley.

"People might interpret our strategy as a short-term volume strategy for a car. It just wasn’t that for us us. It was a long-term investment in the GR brand in Australia.

"And what it verified for us very quietly is that there is a demand and market in Australia for these kinds of vehicles.

"For us, it’s given us a lot of confidence - confidence we can take back to our parent company to talk about things we could potentiality do in the future.

"We definitely see opportunity for the GR band extending through our range."

The Fortuner is essentially an SUV version of the HiLux, which means it gets that model's powertrains a matter of course. Like when the ute was updated for the 2020 model year, getting more tech, power and capability, the Fortuner followed suit.

The biggest change then was under the bonnet, where the Fortuner's 2.8-litre diesel engine was tweaked to produce a HiLux-matching 150kW and 500Nm. So in short, the Fortuner gets what the HiLux gets. Which could include a GR version.

Because we now all-but know that the Toyota GR HiLux is coming. The name has been trademarked in Australia and around the world, and has been hinted at by executives internationally.

The bad news? The GR HiLux isn't expected to arrive until the new-generation is revealed, possibly in 2023. The Fortuner, then, would naturally need to follow suit.