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Who needs a 300 Series? Toyota Land Cruiser 200 sales explode as ageing icon cracks Australia's top five - but how much longer will you be able to get one?

There is just no stopping the LC200.

It seems there's just no stopping the Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series, with the Japanese giant's undeniably ageing icon sitting pretty inside Australia's top-five most popular vehicles after a bumper April.

But the good news is tinged with bad, as time is now well and truly running out for the LC200, with the hotly anticipated 300 Series now edging closer to an Australian launch.

But despite the new model reportedly being more powerful, more technically advanced, safer and more comfortable, fans of the LC200 won't be dissuaded, with Toyota reporting one of the model's biggest-ever months in April.

In fact, Land Cruiser sales tallied a massive 2595 units in April, up a staggering 180 per cent on the same month in 2019, and lifting the model's year-to-date total to a huge 7664.

Far from slowing down, the LC200's sales are heading north at an incredible clip, from 1326 in February to 2244 in March and finally 2595 in April.

Those are big numbers for the LandCruiser at any point, but they're made even more impressive by the fact that we know the model is soon to be replaced by an all-new model - which would usually see sales slow to a trickle.

But not so the LC200, with buyers obviously keen to secure what is expected to be the last example of that model's V8 diesel engine.

But time is running out for LC200 fans, with the brand’s top executives declining to confirm the vehicle is still being produced in Japan as international reports point to the factories shutting down lines and switching to 300 Series production.

While the model’s sales are booming, the brand is staying coy on exactly where those cars are coming from, with CarsGuide expecting that those sales are a result of clever ordering from Toyota, with most of those vehicles already in Australia.

In fact, when asked directly whether the Japanese factories are still producing examples of the 200 Series, the answer was a resounding no comment.

"We've still got supply of LandCruiser 200," Toyota Australia's sales and marketing chief, Sean Hanley, told CarsGuide at the launch the GR Yaris Rallye.

When pressed further on whether the factories were still in operation, he answered: "I'm not going to comment any further on LandCruiser into relation to production."

International reports suggest production on the LC200 ceased at the end of March, and anecdotal reports from dealers suggest stock is running thin, causing used prices to soar.