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VW Porsche link boosts sport edge

VW's Ulrich Hackenberg is firm that any shared projects must be 'Porsche' enough that the brand's image is not affected.

A cheaper Porsche starter car is firming for production and so is a harder-edged two-seater Volkswagen.

There are plenty of historical ties between the companies, and the companies collaborated on a joint project for the Touareg and Cayenne SUV twins before Volkswagen took control of Porsche last year.

Now, as part of the giant Volkswagen Group - think Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Bugatti - more technology and new-model programs will be open to Porsche.

"I think both companies will get a good benefit," says VW board member and the company's research-and-development chief, Dr Ulrich Hackenberg. "Porsche has a good experience and competence in sporty cars and we have a lot of potential in hi-tech engine and gearbox from the volume side and also the concept side of cars that are not available at Porsche now."

He says Porsche will also be able to save a lot of money by tapping into the VW Group.

"So Porsche get technology from our side, but also electronics, and can use it for their cars that are in development now. But also has a possibility to grow with new cars that will fit to the philosophy of Porsche."

Hackenberg says it's unlikely Porsche would ever do a version of the Volkswagen Golf, but suggests other models could be shared.

"If you think about a small sports car that can also be used for Audi or Volkswagen I could imagine that we have a collaboration with Porsche to create something that is used for all three companies," he says.

But Hackenberg says nothing is currently approved. And he is firm that any shared programs must provide enough Porsche identity that the brand's image is not affected.

"The character of the Porsche brand is a very wealthy image. We would never do anything against the position of the brand," he says.

He points to the Cayenne and Touareg as a good example of how models can be shared without damaging the Porsche brand.

"The Porsche Cayenne and Touareg, they have a different character but shared technology. They are not totally common, they have their own engines, Porsche has some differences in the drivetrain, so there always have to be differences that are very important for the positioning of the car."