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Separated at birth?

The FF (Ferrari Four) all-wheel driver is a gran turismo four-seater with a "shooting brake" rear end which is basically a big hatchback.  Initial thoughts when viewed side-on is that it looks like the 1970s Jenson Interceptor or even the Porsche 928.

While there's no harm in borrowing styles from yesteryear - especially ones that are so iconic - and developing them, for a modern world, the FF also imitates some of its contemporaries.  Most interestingly, its side profile bears a stunning resemblance to the BMW M Coupe, albeit the earlier bulbous models.

Who would have thought the Italians would look to Germany for styling cues?  Of course, the biggest problem with a shooting brake design is trying to make that big rear end look sleek - like J Lo, rather than Oprah.