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New Tesla Cybertruck 2022: Musk confirms smaller electric ute as part of ongoing design changes

This is what the Cybertruck could now look like. (Image credit: Pablo Cubarle via Electrek)

Tesla is busy preparing the Cybertruck for the start of production late next year, and its boss, Elon Musk, has confirmed a few of the all-electric dual-cab pick-up’s ongoing design changes.

The Cybertruck caused quite the storm when it debuted in prototype form last November, with many wondering how much of its radical design would actually carry over to its production version.

Well, we now know some of the changes Tesla has in store. As per usual, Mr Musk took to Twitter to announce the latest version of the Cybertruck is about three per cent smaller than the prototype.

While he didn’t confirm the Cybertruck’s new dimensions, we do know its prototype was 5885mm long, 2027mm wide and 1905mm tall, meaning the latest version could be as ‘small’ as 5708mm long, 1966mm wide and 1848mm tall.

Mr Musk also added that the Cybertruck’s centre line is now more level, while its windowsill height is lower, making for a less asymmetrical – and therefore more conventional – design.

The Cybertruck prototype proved polarising upon its public debut. (Image credit: Pablo Cubarle via Electrek) The Cybertruck prototype proved polarising upon its public debut. (Image credit: Pablo Cubarle via Electrek)

He also recently revealed Cybertruck buyers “will be able to wrap it in any colour or pattern”, with traditional paintwork options seemingly off the table due to the Ford F-150 rival’s ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless-steel bodywork.

That said, the Cybertruck’s design are more than just metal and glass deep, as Mr Musk also recently announced its self-levelling air suspension (with adaptive springs and dampers) is being tweaked with increased travel for improved off-roading.

However, the most exciting development is his confirmation of a high-performance Plaid variant of the Cybertruck.

Not to be confused with the previously revealed tri-motor Cybertruck, the Plaid version will up the ante even further, but to what degree is not yet known.

Given the tri-motor variant sprints from a standstill to 97km/h (60mph) in less than 2.9 seconds while on the way to completing the quarter-mile pass in 10.8s, according to Tesla, the Plaid version will undoubtedly be a revelation.

Needless to say, more changes will be made to the Cybertruck in the next 18 months, so stay tuned.