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Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake 2020 won't be sold in Australia

The second-generation version of the CLA Shooting Brake may be a looker, but that's not enough to warrant it being sold here.

Another station wagon bites the dust - this time it’s the all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake 2020 model, which won’t be sold in Australia.

The previous-generation version failed to sell in high enough numbers to warrant the introduction of the new second-gen CLA wagon, according to Mercedes-Benz Australia. The second-generation compact wagon was revealed overnight at the 2019 Geneva motor show

The move not to bring it here isn’t necessarily surprising - it was always priced at an exorbitant premium over the other models in the Benz compact model range - including the GLA compact SUV - so as to cover the smaller levels of demand for the vehicle locally.

Mercedes-Benz Australia public relations manager Jerry Stamoulis said the company is looking to focus its energy on the model that sells in the biggest numbers - the CLA four-door coupe - which over its first-gen lifespan accounted for as many as 350 vehicles per month. 

“We’re looking to focus our energy on the new-generation CLA four-door coupe,” Mr Stamoulis said, claiming wagons aren’t hot property here. 

“There’s low demand for wagons in Australia - and we do have an estate option with the C-Class Estate,” he said. "It’s not a direct replacement, sure, but it’s a very low demand segment in Australia.”

The CLA four-door coupe range will launch in Australia in the third quarter of 2019, with the choice of CLA200 and CLA250 models expected to start things off, ahead of a pair of Mercedes-AMG models to follow. 

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