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Mazda recalls 9000 Mazda 6

The recall notice is for approximately 9000 Mazda6 models in Australia.

Mazda has issued the safety recall for a problem with the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), which can malfunction if too much water enters the engine bay, and stop charging the battery -- allowing the car to run out of power.

The recall notice is for approximately 9000 Mazda6 models in Australia, covering sedan and wagon, petrol and diesel models built between 29 November 2012 and 7 April 2014.

If the problem occurs, it will activate the 'Charging system warning' light and drivers will see the message 'Charging System Malfunction' on the instrument panel. If they continue to drive the car, the battery will drain, with the car losing essential functions and eventually stalling.

"It's a risk of happening when the vehicle is being driven through very wet weather or very deep puddles," Mazda Australia spokesman Steve Maciver says. "What can happen is the generator belt can slip because of water in the engine area, which causes the electrical system to think there is an error in the system, and makes it stop charging the car -- which can then run out of charge and stall."

Maciver says there have been no accidents or injuries in Australia caused by the defect, and that the rectification should be a simple and quick one. "The fix is a very simple software upgrade, in which the PCM is updated," he says. "How long the dealers will need each car is down to their scheduling, but the update is a fairly quick task."

"We're contacting all the owners, and asking them to arrange an appointment with their nearest dealer.' Concerned owners can obtain more information from Mazda Customer Support on 1800 034 411.