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Kia to take on the Porsche Taycan: All-electric halo performance model confirmed for 2021 - and it could come to Australia!

Kia to take on the Taycan?

The Kia Imagine concept has reportedly been green-lit for production, with the Korean brand to launch a cut-price Porsche Taycan competitor as early as 2021.

That's the word out of Europe, where the UK's AutoExpress is reporting the project has been signed-off, and has been codenamed the Kia CV, as it rockets towards production next year. 

Now, I know you don't hear the words "Porsche" and "Kia" in the same sentence all that often, but stay with me for a moment. Because the big news around Kia's electric crossover is that it is built using the Hyundai Group's new EV platform with an 800-volt architecture, much like the Taycan, which unlocks both longevity and super-fast charging.

In fact, international reports suggest the new EV Kia will deliver a range of around 480km, and a recharging time - provided  you're using 350kW fast charger - of just 20 minutes.

And the Porsche comparisons don't end there, with international media reporting Kia is cooking up a go-fast e-GT version of its new EV, tapping into the Hyundai Group's relationship with Rimac, which will specifically target models from Tesla, as well as the Taycan. 

Better still, Kia in Australia has its hand high in the air for a new EV, and all EVs for that matter, with the brand's Kevin Hepworth telling CarsGuide they're accelerating "as fast as we can" into an electric future, including installing charging infrastructure across the Kia dealership network.

"We're going to ahead as fast as we can with EV planning, so when we do get the thumbs up, we're in the best position we can be," he says.

"Any EV product that was to become available to us, we'd be interested in. We will take everything we can get."