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2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid confirmed for Australia, but PHEV ruled out! When the brand's first electrified SUV will arrive to rumble the Toyota Kluger Hybrid

Hyundai will have an electrified SUV in market by the middle of next year

Hyundai will at last have a genuine hybrid SUV in Australia by June next year, with the brand today confirming the Santa Fe Hybrid would touch down locally around June next year, with the hopes the larger SUV can steal sales off the smaller Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and the incoming Toyota Kluger Hybrid. 

But while we will get the hybrid, the PHEV version of the same SUV has been essentially ruled out for Australia, with the brand citing costs and complexity.

That's the word from Hyundai's GM of product management, Andrew Tuitahi, who says the electrified Santa Fe will be in Australia "in the middle of 2021" confirming the brand is "working hard" for hybrid technology.

The Santa Fe is a particularly powerful hybrid, with the SUV pairing a 1.6-litre turbo-petrol engine with an electric motor to deliver around 168kW/350Nm. 

"We see it as an opportunity. That's why we're getting it on Santa Fe. We're looking at what we can do with the passenger cars at the moment, but it's still under study," says Tuitahi

"(The Santa Fe) will be in the middle of next year."

`the brand confirming that vehicle is still "under study" for out market. That said, we know Hyundai is keen to get as many electrified variants as it can, so watch this space.