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Honda ZSX Concept | spy pics

Honda ZSX Concept

A Honda concept, almost certainly previewing the ZSX, a probable mini-me sibling for the NSX supercar, has been caught in the US before its rumoured debut at the New York motor show in April.

Honda applied to register ZSX as a trademark through the European Union Intellectual Property Office in July 2016 . 

A short nose and giant air-takes behind the doors point to a mid-rear engine configuration, while six-spoke hi-vis orange alloys, giant drilled brakes and serious aero, including a substantial rear wing, reinforce the performance focus.

The NSX was designed by Honda Advanced Design in Los Angeles, California, and it's almost certain its baby brother will be developed there, too. But it's clear this two seater is far from a production reality, with illegally small wing mirrors, minimalist doors, and no roof of any kind.

UPDATE: 14/3/17

Honda Australia PR boss Neil McDonald has confirmed that the concept pictured above is actually a three-year-old collaboration between Honda R&D America Advanced Design Studio (HRA AD Studio) and Honda Performance Development (HPD).

It's actually been on display in the lobby of HPD for the past 2 years, and was being returned to storage in LA when these photos were taken.

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