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James Gauci of Brisbane, Queensland has won the $10,000 prize in a competition to find TomTom's new Australian voice.

The 23-year-old Griffith University psychology student has a history of performing, singing and comedy ... skills he put to good use in his audition tape, which can be heard at

"Where are you headed? 2020 at the 'Gabba - nice work! At the end of the road, hang a left. Now cruise a coupla hundred metres past and turn onto Wellington. Oh! You know what, there are a couple of these sweet four-hour parks in Pott St. Turn right here. Beauty, we're here. Have a beer for me, ay."

Gauci was the $10,000 winner in a competition run by the Dutch company to find the typical Australian voice for use with its GPS devices.

Selection of the winner was done with a combination of Tomtom judging quality and correctness of voice instructions, plus votes from the general public.