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Car running costs annual figures

A Hyundai Getz costs $118.44 a week to run, just $3.79 more than last year.

It is the fourth year in a row that the $13,990 Korean hatch has edged out the competition in the RACV's annual ownership survey.  A Getz costs $118.44 a week to run, just $3.79 more than last year. 

At the other end of the scale, three rugged Toyota LandCruiser models are again the most expensive.  The popular off-roader costs a mighty $385.79 a week to run for the V8 diesel and $369.88 for the V8 petrol.  The LandCruiser ute costs $328.48 a week.

The RACV's general manager public policy, Brian Negus, said overall costs had risen 4.5 per cent over the past 12 months.  But Mr Negus said of the 78 cars surveyed many running costs were still below or at a similar level to where they were two years ago.

"Costs haven't gone up astronomically but they've risen pretty much in line with CPI," Negus said.  Negus said that excellent fuel economy was no guarantee of a car gaining top spot in its category.

"Australia's most fuel efficient car, the Ford Fiesta Econetic was the cheapest in the entire survey to run at 10.23 cents a kilometre," he says.  "Bit its larger purchase price made it more expensive to own at $149.29 a week, than other light cars."

However, the Econetic diesel is significantly cheaper to run than a hybrid Toyota Prius of Honda Civic, which cost $222.22 and $191.44 a week.  LPG vehicles are also cheaper to run than petrol cars.

An LPG Commodore cost $3.22 less to run than a normal Commodore while an LPG Falcon was $13.27 less.  Negus said depreciation was one of the biggest hidden costs, accounting for 37 per cent of ownership costs for any given vehicle.

"It is the ticking time bomb," he said.  "It's not an out-of-pocket expense each week.  It's a hidden cost.  But in five years time when many are looking to trade in their vehicle, that's when depreciation kicks in significantly."  The survey factors in depreciation, fuel costs, servicing, stamp duty, spare parts, tyres, insurance and registration.

What your car costs (per week)

Hyundai Getz $118.44
Suzuki Swift $119.36
Kia Rio $126.25
Ford Fiesta $128.55
Toyota Yaris $129.98

Nissan Tiida $153.79
Hyundai i30 petrol $154.01
Hyundai i30 diesel $159.22
Ford Focus $161.73
Holden Cruze $164.69

Mazda6 $204.29
Ford Mondeo $204.35
Toyota Camry $205.16
Toyota Camry hybrid $220.16
Honda Accord Euro $222.82

Holden Commodore dual fuel $227.57
Holden Commodore petrol $230.79
Ford Falcon LPG $238.99
Toyota Aurion $240.68
Ford Falcon petrol $252.26

People Mover
Kia Carnival $224.53
Hyundai iMax $231.32
Honda Odyssey $247.09
Toyota Tarago $284.86
Compact off-roaders
Hyundai ix35 $182.19
Subaru Forester $213.03
Mitsubishi Outlander $215.12
Mazda CX7 $218.81
Nissan X-Trail $220.01
Medium off-roaders
Holden Captiva $207.70
Holden Captiva diesel $226.12
Ford Territory $228.27
Toyota Kluger $235.91
Toyota Kluger 4x4 $249.16

Large off-roaders
Nissan Patrol diesel $291.91
Nissan Patrol petrol $325.89
Toyota LandCruiser petrol V8 $369.88
Toyota LandCruiser diesel V8 $385.79

Mitsubishi Triton diesel $192.46
Ford Falcon LPG $203.50
Holden Commodore dual fuel $210.96
Holden Commodore V6 petrol $211.91
Toyota HiLux V6 $212.74