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Bufori gem of a car

The hand-built car features Persian silk carpets, French-polished walnut dash, gold-plated instruments and an optional solid gold bonnet emblem.

And you can even decorate it with your own jewels.

The Australian-owned but now Malaysian-based car company Bufori, is making a comeback at this week's Australian International Motor Show.

The new model to be unveiled this week, the La Joya Mark III 2+2, was described by Bufori spokesman Cameron Pollard, as an “individualised piece of art.”

He said buyers can even put their signature on the car, come up with their own colour schemes and make changes to sizing and dimensions.

“It's like a piece of jewellery that they're driving around in,” he said, very fitting for a car with a Spanish name meaning “the jewel.”

But those wanting their ultimate bling machine will have to get in fast as only 20 cars will be made available a year to the Australian market at $180,000.

It takes three months to build just one car to a customer specifications and the company already has a strong following in the UK, the United Arab Emirates and the US.

Mr Pollard said customers range from actors and heads-of-states, to people just wanting to attract attention, both young and old.

One customer, an Indian actor, had his whole car gold plated.

A Malaysian woman had a $20,000 stone fitted to her Bufori, as well as many more gemstones to match.

And just in case the kids are feeling left out, Bufori will even make a mini version of the La Joya they call the Bambino.

Mr Pollard said the 1930s retro-styling of the La Joya was something that had always been present in Bufori models.

“All of our cars have followed that, our very first car had that styling, everyone fell in love with it as soon as they saw it,” he said.

While it may currently be under $200,000, the price tag is set to rise to $220,000 after the Motor Show, depending on customer demand, although there will be a waiting list once the 20 cars have been allocated for this year.

Bufori was originally founded in 1986 and was based on Parramatta Rd in Sydney. It moved its base to Malaysia in 1995 by invitation from the royal family.

Mr Pollard says the move was a result of the company “focusing on growing and developing a global market”, as well as financial benefits.

Bufori now produces 300 cars a year to customers world-wide.

Mr Pollard said the quality of engineering and construction is vastly improved over the previous cars.

And Bufori is even considering bringing some of the manufacturing back to Australia with the possibility of expanding the company further.

The Australian International Motor Show starts this Thursday and runs until October 21.



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