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Bob Jane resigns

Bob Jane has said he was no longer a shareholder or owner of the Bob Jane Corporation Pty Ltd.

Tyre king Bob Jane is claiming he has been ousted from the company he formed 40 years ago.  In an email to business associates, Jane, 81, revealed a deep rift with his son, Rodney, 38.  Jane indicated legal action against "Rodney and all concerned".

In recent years Jane has battled prostate cancer and two strokes. He was involved in a sensational, multi-million-dollar divorce from his wife, Laree, almost 40 years his junior.  He told business associates yesterday the split with his son "may in many ways have an impact on you and your business".

Jane said he was no longer a shareholder or owner of the Bob Jane Corporation Pty Ltd.

"I can advise that, due to this, I must regretfully resign as chairman," he wrote.  "The Bob Jane Corporation Pty Ltd and most other divisions of the Bob Jane Group are currently under the control in the main part by Rodney Jane and Geraldine Jane."  Geraldine was Bob Jane's second wife.

"While I am still (according to Rodney Jane) a chairman of the Bob Jane Corporation, this position is a false title devised only so I could remain a 'face' of the company," Jane wrote.

Jane said he remained "a committed part of the family of T-Marts across this great country of Australia" and invited colleagues to contact him with any issues or questions.

"I am in the process of establishing some new global companies," he wrote.  Last year Geraldine Jane lauded their son Rodney as the man who saved the family empire from ruin.

Bob Jane yesterday declined to talk to the Herald Sun. Rodney Jane did not return a call.