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Automobili Pininfarina Battista 2020: "Most powerful Italian car ever" named

Automobili Pininfarina's much-teased entry into the supercar space has been named, with what the brand is promising will be "the most powerful Italian car" to be called the Battista.

Named after the company's founder, Battista Farina (though the word also translates to Baptist in English), the car that was codenamed PF0 has some bold claims to live up to; namely that it will be the most powerful car ever produced by a nation famed for trotting our raging bulls and prancing horses.

Helping the carbon-fibre-wrapped EV supercar get there will be some staggering outputs, with the brand promising a whopping 1900bhp (1416kW) and 2300Nm. And that, readers, is plenty. So much, in fact, that the brand is promising quicker acceleration than a current F1 car, with the Battista able to clip 100km/h in "less than two seconds", and push on to a flying top speed of more than 402km/h.

What's more, the brand is promising a 300km electric range - though likely not if it's being driven in anger.

We don't know yet exactly how that power will be generated, nor even what the Battista actually looks like, but we do know they are expected to cost up to US$2.5m ($3.4m), and that Pininfarina has partnered with EV specialists Rimac for the Battista's important underbody bits.

The brand has allocated just 50 cars to the USA, 50 cars to Europe and another 50 to be spread between the Middle East and Asia (including Australia, presumably). So if you want one, get that cheque book ready.

Can the Battista live up to its claims? Tell us in the comments below.