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Aston Martin DB10 revealed for next Bond film

James Bond scores bespoke Aston Martin DB10 for Spectre.

Ever since the classic Aston Martin DB5 graced the screen in Goldfinger, the cars driven by James Bond have been something of a cultural touchstone. 

The suave spy in the very expensive sports car cliché had to start somewhere.

However, for Bond's 24th outing, Spectre, the British spook is kicking it up a notch.

Aston Martin and the Bond film producers have taken the wraps off the Aston Martin DB10 - a purpose-built James Bond car.

Aston Martin is only building 10 DB10s and they are all headed to the film set

The DB10 was designed in-house by Aston Martin, with the film's directer Sam Mendes having a hand in ensuring the DB10 would be a car fit for Bond.

The DB10's styling is a mix of classic Aston details and cues from the marque's recent production offerings, but a new headlight shape could be a hint at what's to come from the Gaydon factory.

While there is no word on the engine or other features of the car, but it can be safely assumed an array of aftermarket accessories will be fitted by Q-Branch.

Unfortunately, those wishing to live the James Bond lifestyle themselves will have to settle for something else, Aston Martin is only building 10 DB10s and they are all headed to the film set.

Given Bond's less than gleaming track record of returning field equipment undamaged, it's unlikely we'll see one drive away unscathed when production wraps ahead of the film's November 2015 release.