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What SUV should I buy?

I am planning to buy a large SUV. My options are Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander (2019) Ford Everest Titanium (2019) and Ford Endura Titanium (2019). However, I am a bit confused which one would be the best for me.

I like the big SUVs and Everest is the biggest one among my choices. But the Santa Fe Highlander looks more premium inside. As does the Endura Titanium. The Everest offers more power and torque, but the interior is not as luxurious as the others.

What would be the best option overall? I hardly do any off-road driving. On average, I drive 20,000km per year.

The answer all depends on what you call off-road driving, Javed. The Ford Everest, being based on the Ranger, is a very competent off-roader. In fact, it’ll handle anything most owners would ever throw at it, while the Endura is more of a replacement for the Ford Territory. Meaning it has abilities better matched to a trip to the snow, not a true log-jumping, river-fording off-road journey.

The Sante Fe is more of the same (as the Endura) that is; a car that can cope with gravel roads and slippery surfaces, but not the rough and tumble of the Aussie bush. So it really comes down to how far off road you need to go. And if the answer is a long way, even if it’s just occasionally, then the Everest is your best choice.