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What do I do if a dealer gives me and incorrect quote?

Asked by Robert

I’ve ordered a Mazda BT-50 twin-cab pick-up and when I spoke to the dealer, I asked for the steel tray premium upgrade. So they quoted on that. Now they have realised they didn’t put the original tray price on the contract for me to sign and want me to change my contract to change the price of the vehicle. I was completely unaware of this mistake they made and have said I’ll stick with the original quote. Now they keep saying they cannot get the tray and it will be another two months. I’ve already waited two months with the same response as the ute is in stock. I’ve also contacted the company that make the trays and they are in stock. What should I do in this situation? I’m lost but think I’m in the right; they are just making me wait or get it now with a different tray for $7000 more, which I haven’t got.

Answered by CarsGuide

15 Aug 2021 David Morley

This is one of the problems with the way the prices of band-new vehicles are haggled over. Had there been just a simple checkout price (as there is with nearly everything else we buy) this confusion probably wouldn’t have crept in. I take that, having asked for the tray upgrade, you then paid attention only to the final price being offered by the dealer.

Regardless of whether the dealer is trying to stall you with talk of a two month wait is a side issue. And perhaps you can hold out and force the dealer to supply the vehicle as per your contract of sale. Then again, if the mistake was a genuine one by a member of the sales staff (who could conceivably lose their job over such a blunder) then what’s the moral solution? Perhaps there’s a compromise to be made by both parties. I can understand you not wanting to pay an extra $7000 for a different type of tray, but surely that’s not the best result for anybody. In an ideal world, perhaps one solution would be for the dealer to provide the tray at their cost price (so they don’t lose money on the deal) and you get a cheap(er) tray because you’re not paying retail. Yes, it’s complicated. But that’s what happens when commerce meets karma.


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