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What can I do about the metallic red paint on my 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer peeling?

Asked by Dorita

I have a metallic red Mitsubishi Lancer 2011 model purchased new Jan 2011. In the last 12 months the clear top layer has started to delaminate. It started with the hatch and the now various panels and the roof have developed tiny white spots all over, suggesting it will soon start peeling too. I know of two other red Lancers, same colour, model etc with the same problem. Do you know of other people with the same car experiencing this problem too? What do I do, now that Mitsubishi says it is out of warranty? I know this and asked them what they intend to do to address their obligations, which I believe they have under Australian Consumer Law, which they have ignored. What can I do here?

Answered by CarsGuide

8 Feb 2021 David Morley

I’ve certainly heard of metallic paint on Mitsubishi Lancers peeling from the clear coat before, but it’s hardly a Mitsubishi-specific problem. Many car-makers had trouble (and some of them still struggle) to get clear-over-base paint finishes to work with Australian levels of UV radiation. Strangely enough, Australian car-makers have been some of the worst offenders over the years. The problem is that once the top, clear coat has begun to discolour and peel, the lower, colour cat is usually compromised beyond salvation as well. Repainting either the entire car or the horizontal surfaces (which cop the most UV grief) is the only real long-term solution.

I’d be very surprised if any car-maker came to the rescue with a paint-finish warranty claim after a decade, but it certainly can’t hurt to ask Mitsubishi Australia’s customer service department at head office. In any case, getting any sort of help with this will depend on how the vehicle has been maintained, where it’s been parked and whether any aftermarket paint treatments were ever applied. Largely, however, this type of paint degradation is regarded as normal wear and tear.

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