VW valve body

Tell Evonne (Carsguide, Sept 28) that the gearbox problem on her 2006 2.0 FSI Golf is the valve body in the gearbox and is a $3000 (approx) fix at a transmission specialist. I know because I had the same problem with mine and was also quoted $7000 by VW who told me the 'box was shot. The trans specialist informed me if I let the problem continue it would eventually lead to irreparable damage to the gearbox. I chose to let the specialist fix it, which they did in one day. I notice with interest that the problem is a common one with Golfs, and Audi A3s and TTs, so common that in the USA it is fixed free, even outside warranty.

We also heard from Rick Pringle of J. Pringle Automotive in Melbourne who also told us that it is a problem with the valve body, which needs to be replaced. It is common on all Aisin Warner six- speed transmissions, he says, and it can be fixed without removing the transmission from the car.