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Volkswagen Tiguan 2017: Bubbling effect on the rear tailgate

Our 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan has a bubbling effect on the rear tailgate on one side under the back window. The dealer says it's manmade by a fist, car repairer says it's not manmade, but is damage. Volkswagen say that is damaged by "external influences", but what they are they won't explain, they just say it is not a warrantable issue. Both the dealer and the car repairer, who is an authorised RACQ repairer, have not seen it before. It looks as the though the metal is bubbling outwards. We don't know where to take the car for appraisal or review. We would like it fixed. What should we do?

It clearly needs deeper investigation to try and determine the cause. Take it to a panel beater who specialises in European cars and have them assess it.