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Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2020: Should I wait for the facelifted version?

I am in the market for VW Tiguan Allspace Comfortline. Just wondering if I should wait for the 2020 facelift. When will the new Tiguan be arriving in Australia? Is it expected to be more expensive than the current Tiguan?

It would be very rare for a facelifted version of a car to be less expensive than the one it replaces, Imran and, on balance, the upgrade model usually costs a little more based on more features. At the moment, though, there’s no word on exactly when the facelifted Tiguan will arrive here, nor exactly what the changes and improvements will be, so it’s very difficult to know whether it’s worth waiting for.

But it is worth mentioning that you’ll be very unlikely to manage a discount on the new version, whereas VW dealers might be a little more motivated to clear the decks of the existing model and will possibly be a bit more keen to negotiate.

Of course, even if you wait for the upgrade model, there’s a very real chance that we’ll be seeing an all-new Tiguan by 2022 anyway.