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Tyre turnover on Pathfinder

My 2006 Nissan Pathfinder turbo diesel STL Auto has only done 80,000 km and it has been through three sets of tyres and four sets of brakes, and the costs keep mounting. Last week I rang my dealer to book it in for the 80,000 km service and was astounded when quoted $1500. They said if I don't do the service there I would jeopardize my warranty, and there are things that have to be fixed on it. Is this a fair price, I think it is unreasonable? I would never buy another Nissan again, particularly when Toyota offers fixed price servicing.

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
16 September 2010

For starters you don't have to have it serviced by a dealer, your warranty won't be affected if you have it serviced somewhere else providing it is done by the book. You could phone around and get quotes from other service outlets and other Nissan dealers. You could also ask your dealer to explain what things need to be fixed. Never be afraid to question your dealer and have them justify their charges. Oh, and three sets of tyres and four sets of brakes in 80,000 km is totally unacceptable.