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Transit motorhome engine shutting down

Asked by Lewis Reinhold

My Ford Transit motorhome has the annoying, and dangerous, habit of shutting down completely without prior warning or symptoms. To add to my annoyance, once the vehicle is manoeuvred to the roadside, the engine can be immediately restarted, and thereafter performs faultlessly until the fault recurs.

My efforts through Ford Australia and QCAT have not resolved this fault. It seems the view adopted by QCAT is that the vehicle is not unsafe and that Ford Australia, or its agents do not have a responsibility to locate and correct the fault. Ford and QCAT plainly do not share my concerns in relation to the legal aspects of continuing to use the vehicle on the public roads in its present state. I believe that you may have encountered other vehicle owners in an identical situation; in which case I would be grateful for any advice/information you may care to offer.

The vehicle has travelled only 40,000km and has been fastidiously serviced and carefully driven during my ownership, from new. Casual conversation with other 'motor homers' indicates that this may be a not infrequent mode of failure experienced by owners of other European makes. My assessment is that the fault is entirely electronic and related to the fuel supply and control system. The Direct Injection Ford Duratorque engine has an uncomplicated fuel system, which should function reliably as long as the fuel supply to the fuel pump is not interrupted, i.e. the fuel pump solenoid is not shut down during normal operation

Answered by CarsGuide

23 Jan 2015 Graham Smith

The people who sold you the vehicle have a legal responsibility under our consumer laws to find the fault and fix it. It clearly is not in a fit state to use while this fault is present. If that vendor is Ford, Ford should fix it. If it is the motorhome manufacturer, they should fix it. Either way it needs to be fixed, and must be under our laws. The fact that the engine can be restarted once it's been moved suggests that the system is being reset after falsely detecting a fault, and is electronic as you suspect.

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