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Sorento steering pulling to the left

Has Kia had trouble with steering alignment on the new Sorento? I bought one last year and from day one it has pulled to the left. At the service department I was quoted $65 for a wheel alignment check, which I thought was wrong, so I took it to my local mechanic who checked it and said it was OK. When the 15,000km service came up I asked to have the alignment checked because it felt worse. The response was that it goes straight on flat roads but will follow the road camber. Fed up, I took it to a specialist and the diagnosis was the caster bushes need to be changed. Is Kia at fault and should they fix it? Other than the steering problem the car has been great and I have even got down to 6.8L/100km.

You are not the first to complain about a Kia pulling to the left, including one of my big bosses. I'm told it's important to also check the rear wheel alignment. Kia Australia spokesman Kevin Hepworth says: "There is no identified systemic problem with Sorento steering pulling to the left. If an owner feels their car is not performing to specification they should, in the first instance, take the car to a certified Kia service centre to have the wheel alignment specifications checked. It is important in attempting to adjust the wheel alignment those specifications aren't exceeded."