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Pathfinder fuel sender issue

Our 2006 Nissan Pathfinder has a problem with the fuel sender unit. When we purchased it in 2006 all was good, but a couple of years later the fuel sender unit was replaced under warranty. A couple of years later again the same fault occurred, but this time the fuel sender was not covered by the warranty. I have had all sorts of explanations from the dealer and Nissan, from the car not driven enough to it is a consumer item! When I asked what it would cost to replace I was told $1000-plus! I am fed up with the bad service I get from Nissan. Isn't it supposed to last the life of the vehicle? My next stop is Federal transport industry ombudsman. What else can be done so this does not happen again to unexpected motorists?

The fuel sender problem is a common one with the Pathfinder, one you reckon a company like Nissan with all its resources could fix. That it doesn’t seem to be able to is frustrating, but made even more so by the lame excuses they trot out to try and justify it. Try appealing to Nissan’s sense of fair play and see if you can convince the company to come to the party and replace the unit, or cover part of the costs of the replacement. If that doesn’t work, try your state government consumer affairs people.