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Nissan Versus Ford

I DRIVE a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder 2.5-litre diesel and my wife has a 2002 Ford Fairmont V8. Though they tow horse floats and a 2-tonne caravan occasionally, both are in good condition and have been driven gently at the speed limit. I am soon to retire and we will need only one of those vehicles, but which one? We will be doing several big trips with the caravan and both vehicles have done about 150,000km. Ignoring the difference in fuel costs -- the Pathfinder wins hands down -- which vehicle would have the better chance of longevity?

I WOULD choose the Pathfinder. Longevity comes down to three things, the quality of the engineering that created the car, build quality and servicing. Nissan, in my view, wins hands down on the first two counts, and the third is in your hands. All things being equal, I would expect the Pathfinder to outlast the Falcon.