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Mitsubishi Lancer 2010: Are there any known problems?

I'm looking at buying a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer SX hatchback, it has been driven by an older lady and she has owned it since new. It has 199,000 kms on the clock, most of which are highway miles. The transmission is manual, and the car looks in good condition for the price of $4000, although the windscreen needs replacing and the rego runs out in August. What are some common problems I should look out for and do you think it is a reasonable deal for the high mileage and price?

That price sound about right for a manual Lancer with those kilometres on board. If anything, it’s probably a little on the bargain side. A lot of cars need a windscreen to gain a roadworthy certificate, so that’s no big deal and, provided the car is in good condition generally, it sounds like a decent buy.

Common problems with this model often involved the electrical systems, so make sure all the lights and gadgets in the car work properly. Manual lancers also had the odd problem with a gearshift that could become disconnected from the gearbox itself. If that has happened, you’d definitely know about it as you wouldn’t be able to select gears. It’s not a huge fix if it does happen.

Other relatively common faults in this model included a faulty ABS module that needed to be replaced and this can be a big expense. Oil leaks from the front of the engine are also an issue (particularly for a roadworthy inspection). And don’t keep the ignition key in the same pocket as your phone; stray signals can wipe the key’s memory and leave you stranded.