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Love affair

I HAVE fallen in love with the Mercedes Benz 450 SLC sports coupe. It sings to me. In life, love has been kind to me and I would like the purchase of one of these beauties to be as kind. I know nothing about them, so I hope you can give me a brief overview and hopefully steer me away from heartache and in the direction of true love.

THE 450 SLC is a lot of car for the money. You should be able to buy one for less than $18,000, which makes it great value. Look for an Australian-delivered car and avoid imports that could have come from Hong Kong, where rust is prevalent. Rust can be a problem. Check the floors inside for dampness, or signs that they have been damp. If you find any dampness walk away, because there will be serious rust in the body. The interior trim can split, seats collapse and the dash can crack. Mechanically the V8 is strong, but will use plenty of petrol. Once you've found a car you're keen on, have it checked by an expert.