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LDV T60 2019: Brakes not working properly

I recently purchased a 2019 LDV T60 pro, base model, manual. It has not yet done 15,000 km and I have already replaced the shocks "sacks", as there was no rebound control and the ride was shocking. I am now trying to improve the brakes, which are really bad, especially when towing my van. On first application the pedal goes halfway to the floor, it is spongy and unresponsive, the pedal will pump up. What could I do to improve this as the dealer bled the system and says there is nothing wrong?

Have the dealer let you drive a demo vehicle and see if that is the same as yours. If it isn’t than have him investigate why yours is different; if it’s not it could be that it’s the way the LDV brakes are. You could take it to a brake specialist and have them give you an opinion on it, and maybe suggest a fix.