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Trevor Williams ASKED THE GUIDE

Just the limit

THE discrepancy relating to the new Subaru Forester (Carsguide, December 12) also applies to the current model 3.6R Tribeca. My vehicle's speedo is understated by 8km/h. The 10 per cent allowable tolerance is not a sufficient reason for Subaru to ignore this issue. If the vehicle is doing 92km/h hour when the speedo shows 100km/h, does the discrepancy stay constant? This discrepancy would also distort the fuel consumption claimed by Subaru to be 11.6 litres for 100km.

YOU can bet all cars give falsely optimistic higher speedo readings -- not because the companies are trying to rip owners off, but to be sure they don't give falsely low readings. If they did there would be a huge outcry from owners booked for speeding through no fault of their own.