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Is my Juke a lemon?

I bought a brand new Nissan Juke almost 12 months ago, but I have had nothing but problem after problem with it. It's had three new gearboxes, two different VIN numbers, a new stereo, a new computer, my brakes are now grinding and shuttering to a stop. I have had enough and no one seems to be helping me. This is not what I paid for and I am very unhappy and stressed over the situation.

If we had decent consumer laws I reckon you would be in line to get a new car or a refund, but as we don't you face a difficult and stressful time trying to resolve the issues with your car. You need to go to your dealer and lodge a claim for action under the car's warranty. Explain to them your concerns and the stress the car is causing you. If that doesn't elicit a suitable response go directly to Nissan's customer assistance service and register your concerns with them. After that you can go to Consumer Affairs in NSW and request their assistance.