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Hyundai Santa Fe 2012: Steering problems

The steering wheel in my 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe makes a scraping noise when turned. Hyundai said this was "normal", but up until a few months ago the car never made this noise. My wife and I do not feel safe driving the car anymore, but a Hyundai dealer advised us to take it to our local mechanic, as it was out of warranty. It has 88,000 km on it. Our mechanic is having trouble pinpointing where the problem is, or what is causing the noise, and it doesn’t self-centre when the wheel is turned.

Any advice on why or what is happening when the wheel is turned would be appreciated it.

I’m gobsmacked by the dealer’s advice to take it somewhere else. I’m sure Hyundai would be happy to hear that.

The noise is not normal, something is binding up, I would suggest possibly in the steering column, or a joint in the lower steering shaft. Unfortunately these things can be hard to trace, and sometimes it found by trial and error.