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Holden Commodore 2001: Engine stutter

Very randomly, usually when changing gears in auto mode, a very strange shudder will develop in my 2010 VE Holden Commodore SV6. The check engine light comes on and the shudder continues until I pull over, turn the engine off and then on again. The car then continues to run perfectly, as if there was never a problem and no check engine light. The car is always serviced on time and I've had my mechanic investigate the problem but he can't find any sign of a problem. It is so random it only happens about once or twice a year. Once it happened at very low speed while parking and another time while at highway speed and another time at about 60 km/h. Have you come across this problem before?

No, we haven't had this reported to us before, and being so random it's unlikely to be a common problem for Commodore owners. It sounds like a computer glitch, perhaps a faulty signal from a sender, or a poor connection. Unfortunately, until it happens regularly your mechanic will have trouble finding the cause.