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Barry Fitzhenry ASKED THE GUIDE

Good pick for new SUV?

I'm looking for advice on a new SUV. We test drove the new Lexus NX300h hybrid and the NX turbo but cancelled an $80,000 order for the former because it gets a lot of bad reviews. We are inclined to the NX because of an excellent run with our RX330 and the ability to get the car serviced at Toyota if we are stuck. We don't mind the sharpish looks. Competitors in this size and level of prestige seem to include the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Volvo XC60.

There are lots of fresh contenders in that class, including the Porsche Macan — which has an 18-month waiting list. The pick is the Land Rover Discovery Sport. I give it The Tick and rate it well ahead of the NX for comfort, quietness and class.