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Futura conversion

A company has approached me and offered to modify my 2003 BA Falcon Futura to run on gas so I can take advantage of the government rebate. They assured me that my car could be modified, but the dealer told me when I purchased it that it couldn't because of the valve seats being soft. Is it safe to convert to dual-fuel and what are the repercussions if any I might face down the track?

Ford will tell you that because it wants to sell you into a dedicated E-Gas Falcon, which has hardened valve seats, valves and even special con rods to handle LPG, but there are thousands of Falcons running around with non-factory dual-fuel systems fitted. In short it can be done and done very successfully. But I would be very suspicious of anyone approaching me with an offer to convert my car, and I would suggest you check their bona fides very carefully. I would also suggest you seek out the expert opinion of recognized specialists in the field to get advice you can rely on.