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Ford Ranger XLT 2016: Grinding noise when driving

I own a 2016 Ford Ranger XLT. Driving to town the other day I heard a loud grinding noise from the auto gearbox. I pulled over, shut everything down, called the RACQ, and it was towed to the Ford dealership. After a few days they rang and said the torque converter had failed and they would be replacing it only, as "there's no metal filings in the catch pan”. My question is as the torque converter uses the same oil that runs around the gearbox, won’t the gears be full of metal too? I don’t know if they inspected the filter or the pick-up line as the Ford Service staff have been pretty hostile this whole time. Any info would be appreciated. It’s still in warranty too.

Call back and ask what was done to ensure nothing else was affected. I would want them to tear the gearbox down, flush everything out, and check the internals before putting it back together and installing the new torque convertor.