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Ford Ranger 2014: Engine issues

I have a 2014 Ford Ranger that has only done 52,000 km that runs rough on cold start-up and blows smoke. Ford charged $160 for an hour of diagnostic time with no evidence of cause found. Charged another $320 to remove the turbo, still no cause found. They now want more money to remove the heads. Seems extraordinary that a motor with such low ks is doing this. The vehicle has not been used for 4WD, river crossings etc. only used on bitumen roads with about 15,000 km towing a 2800 kg van. Most of the time it sits in the driveway.

If it is a major engine issue then, yes, it is a concern, and you could approach Ford for some assistance with the cost of repairs. If it turns out that it’s a relatively minor problem, then it’s not something to be overly concerned about. At this point all you can do is work with the people trying to find the cause.