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Excessive oil consumption in my '16 Holden Commodore ute

The 2016 Holden VF2 SS ute I recently purchased consumed around 5 litres of oil in the first 10,000 km, and the oil light came on after 8000 km. There were no oil leaks and it didn’t blow any smoke. After numerous visits to my dealer for oil consumption testing they admitted there was an issue and performed a "top-end clean", which has miraculously fixed the problem and it is now consuming around 1.7 litres per 10,000 km. Obviously, I don't believe this fixed anything and that the dealer has simply put a thicker oil or an additive in. When I asked Holden for an explanation on how they think a top-end clean could have possibly fixed the problem they said that excessive oil consumption can sometimes be caused by carbon build in the intake system, valve train, cylinders, pistons and rings. Somehow, they blamed the way I drive and the fuel I use for the carbon build up. I only use 98 fuel and mainly BP Ultimate. I fail to see how this is possible, firstly for a new car to have such a build up of carbon, and secondly if there were such a build up would it not be blowing some smoke? I am not sure what to do now as I really believe they have just performed a Band-Aid fix and I will have continual problems outside of warranty. Any help and explanation on this matter would be much appreciated.

They say the problem is fixed, and by your own measure it appears to be. All you can do is to monitor the oil consumption and keep careful records so you can show your dealer if the problem returns.