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Cherokee Fire Warning

ABOUT 2002 I received a letter from Chrysler advising that in some instances a build-up of leaves on the manifold or engine area may result in a fire and that I should book my 2000 Cherokee into the nearest dealer for some free modification to prevent leaf litter entering the engine bay. I ignored the first and second letters, but the third was registered mail requiring my signature. This told me it was serious and I should get the modification done, so I'm surprised Chrysler told you there was no history of fires because of all the trouble they went to to round up lazy people like me.

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
11 September 2009

I RECALL the notice that did go out, I guess Chrysler's view is that the modification fixed the problem in 2002, and that there is now no problem. Anyone with a Cherokee should make sure their car has had the modification.