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Car to commute

I NEED a reliable car to commute to work, a trip of about 80km a day. I don't want to pay any more than $3000, with 12 months registration and a RWC. My mechanic has suggested either a Ford Telstar or a Toyota Camry pre-1990. What do you suggest?

EITHER car would be fine for your purpose. But remember that whatever car you choose, it's likely to have lots of kilometres on the odometer. By all means try to find a Telstar or a Camry, my preference would be for Toyota as long as it's a four-cylinder model, but if you cast your net wider you might land a mint model of some other make. The key things with a car that old is to find one that's in good condition with the lowest odometer reading possible. Hopefully, you will find a car that has been lovingly looked after by its owner, and perhaps not often driven.